Online Weightlifting Seminar

Jared Enderton Presents:

The Enderton Strength Seminar now available online!


  • Why are you putting your seminar online when you travel and do seminars already?

    I do seminars all over the world, but, there simply isn't enough weekends to get to every state and city. I wanted to be able to offer this seminar to everyone regardless of where they are located.
  • How does this online seminar work?

    I have teamed up with Garage Athletes to get my seminar filmed professionally. We have broken up the seminar into pieces and once you sign up you will be getting 10+ videos of my seminar in its entirety. I have broken them up so you can take in the information and practice the new technique tips between videos.

    Once I purchase will I only be able to view the videos once? Nope! You will be able to view the videos as many times as you want. They will be "private" so only users who purchase the seminar will be able to view them.

  • What will this seminar teach you?

    “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.” This quote is the entire reason I created ESS. I want YOU to be equipped with the knowledge to be able to self diagnose your problems in the future! I want you to have a lifelong journey with your lifting. No, you won’t be a “know it all” in weightlifting after you take this ESS course. However, you will have a much better understanding of the lifts and WHY I recommend lifting that way!

    • Proper setup position
    • Dynamics of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd pulls
    • How to have SPEED under the bar
    • How to find your optimal receiving position
    • How to improve flexibility in your bottom position
    • Jerk technique (split and power)
    • Optimal Back Squat technique
    • How to keep your elbows higher on the clean
    • How to program the lifts into your training
    • How it will make YOU a better crossfitter
    • Unique coaching cues
    • Attacking weaknesses (Early arm bend, coming on your toes)


  • Testimonials

    “You have seriously changed my relationship with snatching…so here is my testimonial.. I have never been a fan of snatching. My timing and technique have just always felt off, even on good days. I had honestly just convinced myself that as a CrossFitter my Olympic lifting technique didn’t need to be great. Since taking your seminar, I have an entirely different attitude. I actually look forward to snatching because I feel like I am finally improving! Your cues and coaching technique really hit home for me and snatching is no longer a game of getting ‘lucky’ like it used to be. Watching our members improve instantly during your seminar was very exciting as a coach! We are excited to have you come back again!” -Sarah McCormick, 3x Crossfit Games Athlete (CrossFit Kilo)
    “As an athlete and a coach at CrossFit Pandora’s Box, I was looking for a couple things from this seminar. I wanted to become more efficient in my own lifts to help in hitting higher weights as well as hitting benchmark weights faster and with a little more ease. I also wanted to be able to take the gained knowledge and apply it to the athletes attending the classes that I coach. I feel like this seminar went above and beyond in both aspects. Between lectures and actually grabbing the bar and making the lifts, Jared gave me valuable cues for myself and athletes in general that I will be able to use daily. I hit PRs on my Snatch and Clean at the seminar, one of which being a major milestone that I have been working on for a while. I then PR’d my Grace time by a large amount two days later. This is a lifting seminar that is incredibly CrossFit friendly. I am beyond happy with being able to attend. Thanks Jared!” -Adam Marsh
    “Bottom line, if you want to get strong, trust this program. Go to the seminar, get knowledge. Jared rules. The end.” – Chris Leitsch
    “Jared is a phenomenal athlete and coach! He knows just how to get the best from his athletes and makes you feel like a teammate. His coaching gave me the confidence to bounce back from a reconstructive foot surgery and become a competitive CrossFit athlete and trainer. I blasted through plateaus and have a ton of confidence thanks to Enderton Strength!” – Jesus Raimundi III
    "Jared is an awesome coach and put on a 1st class seminar. Some of the tips and cues I got from him were things I have never noticed or been told before and are legitimately priceless. Thanks for sharing your knowledge Jared." - Joey Aronson
    "Been crossfitting for 4 years. This absolutely qualifies as a class that I wished I had taken 4 years ago. There is a ton of subtlety involved in executing snatches and clean and jerks of which I was not aware, despite many hours of youtube video study, scanning the Everett books, and personal practice. Coming out of this class I feel as if I have a far more solid framework from which I can develop my skills in weightlifting. I've got a strong base in strength training but have never exceeded intermediate loads in the olympic lifts. Going forward I can easily see advanced numbers in the core lifts being translatable to the olympic lifts. He's a pretty good guy as well. Thanks Jared and see you next year!" - Jason Anderson
    "Jared is a great coach, his explanations are easy to understand! I hadn't snatched heavy in probably 6 months and after just 2.5 hrs into his class I was able to get within 10 pounds of my old PR, far more than I expected! Thanks Jared!" - Brian Gallant
    "Amazing!!! I learned so much in just one day. The knowledge is priceless. If you are already a lifter and want to get better or just started and want to learn more this is definitely where you need to be." -Melissa Lease
    "Just completed an Enderton Strength seminar, and all I can say is WOW! The intricacies, the attention to detail, and the virtuosity he insists on not only increased my PR's, but will also translate into serious gains for the athletes of my gym! Jared has taken my training and the love of weightlifting to a whole new level! Hell of a coach, hell of a guy! If you are serious about your strength goals, this is the man to talk to!" - Erik Barnhill


Enderton Strength Online Seminar