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Click on the link above to get a free 14-day trial! If you sign up, it's only $13.95/mo after that through that link. Don't guess anymore on what stretches you should be doing. This service leads you through a daily stretching routine that is about 20minutes long. I've used it for the past 6mo and it has helped my weightlifting & crossfit position big time! My snatch bottom position is lower, recovery is better, and it almost serves as a form of meditation for me. I highly recommend it. A long muscle is a strong muscle!


Get 10% off all Virus apparel using discount code "EndertonAF" at checkout! You'll see me rocking a lot of Virus apparel when I train. Lifting in clothing that's too loose can be an issue when snatching or cleaning. Get your tight game up!

Get 10% off all Position Gear using discount code "EndertonAF" at checkout. My favorite item, of course, is their blue suede weightlifting shoes. If you've followed me for a while you know I'm a self proclaimed shoe connoisseur. I own 12 pairs of weightlifting shoes. Once I tried these out I said I'd never wear another pair again. They have the wooden heel I love, flexibility in the middle part of the shoe, and an incredible fit. I highly recommend them and they're not going to cost you an arm and a leg like most other weightlifting shoes on the market!

Weightlifting Talk Podcast

Hosted by National Champion & USA Team Member Jon North & Crossfitter/National Pro Grid League athlete Jared Enderton of Enderton Strength. Call in to the LIVE show (803) 810-1551, Tweet your questions to @AttitudeNation or @jaredenderton, or just sit back & listen to the madness.

Again Faster


Get 10% off ALL Again Faster products when using discount code "Enderton2016" at checkout. They have all kinds of equipment for weightlifting, crossfit, or your garage gym. This is what I have decked out my entire barbell club with. I stand by their products and only use AF products myself when lifting heavy!

Discount code: EndertonAF | I held out for over 2years before I accepted a new supplement sponsor. I turned down over 10 companies in that time. EFM came to me, I tried their stuff, and fell in love with it. I said I would only endorse a company that had no proprietary blends, no fillers, and no artificial sweeteners. That is what EFM is all about. Oh, and it's made by weightlifters, for weightlifters. Check em out! PS - Their strawberry protein is incredible.